Howard Larsen for NC House 85 Platform

My first entry for this Blog is my Platform.  My goal during this Campaign For NC House District 85 is to address each item listed in the platform and with your assistance, together we will add flesh to this outline and make it a meaningful position for me to stand.  First disclaimer:  I have Dyslexia and even without Dyslexia I am no Hemingway when it comes to writing.






  • The need a sustainable energy future where we say NO to fracking, offshore drilling, and the use of coal.
  • Present and future generations are entitled to a healthy environment; sustainability will be our guide.
  • Funding environmentally sound alternative energy sources will be a top priority.




  • Will have realistic and sensible gun regulations.
  • Increasing awareness of the Law Enforcement Agencies’ public safety strategies.
  • Ensuring community members have a true voice in how their neighborhoods are policed.
  • Increasing law enforcement officers’ cultural competencies.
  • Reducing fragmentation or duplication of efforts by social service agencies, police and other partners.
  • Improving police-community relationships by bringing individuals together in non-confrontational encounters.
  • Increasing transparency and organizational accountability (both the law enforcement agency and the community).
  • Engaging law enforcement officers in the spirit of service and the reasons why they elected a career in public service.



  • Every person living in North Carolina will have access to a quality education to the full extent of their abilities.
  • Every person in North Carolina will have access to guaranteed quality health care, regardless of their financial means.
  • Immigrant workers will receive full protection of our labor laws.


Economic Justice


  • We will work to end poverty.
  • Our minimum wage laws will be adjusted to ensure that every full-time adult worker receives a living wage.
  • The "personhood" of corporations will end.
  • I believe in a balanced budget.
  • Fair taxation based on wealth not the labors of the wage earner.


Human Rights/Dignity


  • Support same sex marriage and full equal rights for all regardless of sexual orientation. My family values are that all members of the human family deserve compassion, equality, and love.
  • That North Carolina will adhere to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • Support Health Care as a human right. Single Payer, Improved and Expanded Medicare for all is the solution the health care crisis.
  • I want to end racial and immigrant profiling.


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